Its not the Commando 450 but it will rock your shower

Commando 450 showerhead

Take a moment and watch this clip, from YouTube, about the Commando 450 showerhead that Kramer purchased.

If you are a Seinfeld fan, you probably remember this clip.  But for me, it’s true, when I take a shower, I want to feel clean when I’m finished and I do not want spend forever trying to wash the soap off of me.

You find great tech in strange places:
I’m always looking for things that make life easy but I was surprised when I took a business trip to Sarasota, Florida and found this shower sprayer in my room at the Hotel Indigo.  The minute I turned it on, it sounded different.  And as soon as I stepped in the shower I immediately felt the difference.  It felt like the water was spraying out incredibly fast and the water droplets felt bigger.  How could that be?

The showerhead is made by Oxygenics and they make standard showerheads, handheld sprayers and some really large rain and power style heads.  The one in my hotel was from the classic series and it was the low end, but it was incredible.   Price was comparable to other showerheads with the low end being around $15 and the high end being around $60 depending on the type or style you purchased.  I also liked that it had a limited lifetime guarantee with it too.  I ended up purchasing the handheld model for each bathroom in my home.

Is it really a jet engine?
What makes this product so interesting is it takes water and using the same principle as a jet engine, it forces it through an accelerator fin to increase the velocity.  From there air is injected into the chamber and the droplets expand giving you the sensation of a powerful shower blast, just like Kramer wanted, but without using as much water. After using this for close to two years now, I can say without a doubt that it’s the best showerhead I have ever installed in my home. The power behind water is what makes it great for me.

I’m looking for the best price:
I’ve not been able to find this product at Lowes or Home Depot but you can easily find it at Amazon or some other online sites.  I’m a big fan of Amazon due to the savings you can find compared to a retailer.  So be sure to check that site first before you go anywhere else.  Plus, their customer service is second to none.

If it’s time to replace a showerhead or even if you do not need a new one but you would like a substantially better showerhead, give the Oxygenics products a try.  I’ve never tried the Power Series or the Rain Series, so if you have one or purchase one, be sure to post here and let me know how it works.  Who knows, maybe I need to look into another model to try at home.


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