Ten Fun Easter Crafts to Do with Kids

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You don’t have to be a kid to love the Easter holiday fun. When you have children, it’s like living it all over again: the egg hunt, the Easter baskets, the candy Peeps. If you want to do more than just be the Official Easter Egg Hider, give your kids some cherish-worthy memories with entertaining crafts.

1. Funny Bunny Easter Ears

Turn pipe cleaners into festive bunny ears. These giggle-inducing accessories are easy to make and all you need are pipe cleaners, child-sized headbands, colorfully printed bias tape and a fun loving attitude. Get instructions for this craft at CountryLiving.com.

2. Chickens? Egg-sactly!

Put some beak into your Easter Eggs with these cheeky chickens. In this case, the egg definitely came before the chicken—or pig, or bunny, or you name it. Find this and other great ideas at MarthaStewart.com.

3. Frosted Pastel Pretzel Sticks

A recipe for something fun and yummy that’s also no-cook is hard to pass up. Dip and sprinkle and that’s it! The seriously delicious pretzel sticks make for some decidedly light-hearted fun. The finer details can be found at https://myparenting.org/.

4. Handmade Easter Bonnet

Put a new twist on the traditional Easter bonnet. These fun hats are created using standard craft items: newspaper or craft paper, white glue, tissue paper, scissors and masking tape. Find out how to make them at ZiggityZoom.com.

5. This Little Piggy Egg

If you’re looking to get away from the bunny theme a pig is a cute way to go. And what could be simpler? Pink dye, pipe cleaner, birthday candles or crayon, and other easy to find items transform an ordinary boiled egg into a bright gem of a little pig. This and more at Spoonful.com.

6. Put a Bunny Sock On It

This is a great craft sure to make your little ones hoppy. There is some stitching and cutting involved, but with supervision it’s safe and satisfying for the kids. Have fun! Get the instructions at Parenting.com.

7. Bunny Cake

Some hands-on time in the kitchen is always a good way to spend time with the kids. This craft recipe transforms a colorful frosted cake with bunny-shaped cookies. See CountryLiving.com

8. Easy Easter Cookie Recipe

To make these easy-to-make and classic Easter cookies, roll out the store-bought dough and shape cookies with Easter-themed cookie cutters. You can improvise if you don’t have holiday cutters on hand by stretching round cookies into oval Easter Eggs. See the recipe at Parenting.com.

9. Mini Bunny Book

Take the bunny theme to new a new level of creativity with these fun-to-make little books. Paper, construction paper, scissors and markers do the trick. See more at ZiggityZoom.com.

10. Nature-Friendly Egg Dyeing

You and the kids can me use ingredients from your kitchen to make beautiful natural dyes for Easter Eggs and baskets. These recipes show you how to create a variety of colors. Pick out your favorites at Spoonful.com.

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