6 Dog-Friendly Design Tips for your New Home

Dog-Friendly Design Tips

Owning a new home by Taylor Morrison is a rewarding experience, and so is welcoming a pet to your new “castle”. While you’re filling your home with furniture and beloved items, take some time to make it comfy and safe for your furry friends. We’ve already taken care of the rest with our communities’ pet-friendly amenities.

1) Choose the Best Flooring

Hard surfaces are easy to clean up, which is ideal when you have a pet. The Taylor Morrison Design Studio offers you lots of flooring choices including hardwoods and tile. Pooches love to sprawl on cool tile floors. In bedrooms and other areas that need carpeting low-pile is the best way to go. As for carpet colors, lighter shades make it easier to spot and treat stains before they set.

2) Upholstery

Even if you train your dog to stay off the furniture, he’ll likely ignore that rule whenever possible. It’s important to use upholstery made with dog-friendly fabrics, which you can do without sacrificing style. Protect furniture further with Scotchguard, blanket throws or slipcovers.

Easy-to-clean outdoor fabrics are a great solution and they come in a variety of camouflaging colors and prints. Upholster with leather for odor resistance and how easy it is to wipe-down. For durability, ultrasuede and microfiber fabrics are also good choices. But cat-owners beware: These upholsteries are dog-friendly but cats will tear them to shreds.

3) Doggy Snuggle Spots

Give your pooch a safe, cozy space of her or his own. Make sure your dog always feels included in the pack by placing your dog’s bed in a spot that will feel safe while letting her keep you in sight. Prep doggy spots in rooms where you spend most of your time. Patiently train Fido or Fifi to understand that the couch is your spot and the dog beds are theirs. For rugs, choose washable rugs that can be thrown in the washer.

4) Out of Reach for Safety’s Sake

If you have ever had toddlers, you already know how important it is to keep hazardous items safely out of reach. The same rule applies to pets. Screen fireplaces, inside your home or outside, too. Secure cabinets that store toxic materials and medications, or put them up high and out of the way.

5) Landscape With Love

If you have a green thumb, chances are you’ll want to grow a garden in the backyard and put potted flowers and plants in your sunroom or patio. Grow pet-safe plants for your dog’s health and your peace of mind. You’d be surprised how some common plants, like tomatoes and aloe, can be dangerous for your dog.

6) Designated Dog Paw Towels

Keep a doggy towel handy so you can wipe your dog’s feet when you come in from a walk. You’ll find beautiful walking trails and parks near most Taylor Morrison communities including California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and Florida as well as Illinois, Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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