Books and movies your ghosts and goblins will enjoy

Halloween is almost here.  The decorations have been up all month, the inflatables are running 24 hours a day and my kids are putting on their costumes and getting prepared for the big night of hauling candy back in the largest bucket they can find.  Yes, Halloween is a big deal at our house; in fact, it’s our favorite holiday.  

My kids are younger, five and six years old, so the TV show Goosebumps is still a little scary for them.  But they also like to read some semi-scary and fun books and watch some Halloween-themed movies and TV shows.  So I asked them for their suggestions so I could post them here for you all to see and comment on.



By far, my kids love “Room on the Broom” more than any other book.  This cute story about a witch that picks up various passengers as she’s flying around is funny, cute and offers a memorable line that my kids continue to say over and over again.

The “I Spy” books are a variation of Where’s Waldo.  You are not looking for a guy in a colored shirt and hat.  Instead you are looking through a room for items listed in the book.  For example, six pumpkins, a pinecone, BOO and a broken bone.  It takes a lot of searching and I’ve still not been able to find everything.  Just don’t circle the items in the book or they are easy to find the second time you look.

Hungry for pumpkin pie on Halloween, a witch can’t seem to get the “Big Pumpkin” off the vine.  Many of your old favorites show up including Dracula, a ghost, etc to try and help the witch out.  But it takes something special to get this pumpkin free.  


“Ten Timid Ghosts” have a house they love.  But the meanwitch moves in and runs them all out.  How will they get their house back?  This fun little story shows how the ghosts stand up to the mean, old, witch.


What do you do when you are a monster and need a haircut?  We’ll, you go to the barber who cuts monster’s hair of course.  The little boy in this story follows in his father’s footsteps but instead of cutting people’s hair, he stays up past his bedtime and cuts monster’s hair.


Movies and TV shows

I don’t think you can go into the Halloween and Christmas season without watching Walt Disney’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas.”  Follow Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King of Halloweentown, as he decides to play Santa Clause and deliver presents on Christmas Eve.  Nothing could go wrong with that idea.


What Halloween could be complete without watching the classic, “It’s The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” show?  If you think real hard, you’ll remember all the key items here.  Someone sits in the pumpkin patch all night waiting on the Great Pumpkin.  Someone wears a ghost costume full of holes and all they receive is a rock from each home they visit.  This is classic Halloween fun, all they way down to being kissed by a dog.  See, you remember that reference too.


There is still time left to sit with the family and enjoy some great books and movies that will thrill and delight young and old.  Not only will you have a good laugh, you’ll also enjoy some quality time with your family.  So pick up your favorite book or movie and settle in for some good laughs.  If you have some movies and books that you really like, please tell us about them in the comments section. I’m always looking for other items for my kids to read and I’m sure other will enjoy your suggestions too.

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