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bonus room ideas

Work, Play, and More

The living area has everything you need for entertaining and quiet nights at home. The kitchen is fully equipped for whipping up delicious homemade meals. The bedrooms are the ideal mix of cozy and decadent. Everything is where it should be…and there’s still an extra room waiting to be used! Finding a use for the bonus space in your Taylor Morrison home can be fun. There’s no shortage of great ideas for creating a place that’s just right for you.

Engaging Game Rooms

If your Reunion Ranch home needs a little extra something for entertaining friends visiting from Austin, a game room might be exactly what you need to complete your dream home!

Game rooms don’t have to be adult-only. Surprise the kids with a fun space that’s all their own like the charming playroom in this Austin area home!

You can also take a cue from this gorgeous property in Denver. Perhaps your Sterling Ranch home needs some refreshments to go along with a fun round of pool. A wet bar can really help get the party started!

Cozy Kid’s Rooms

You can’t go wrong with a space for the little ones to play and relax. Maybe your Crystal Falls home could use a fun twist on a nursery, like this property in Austin.

As your child grows, their room should grow with them. Redecorating can be a lot of work, but the look on your loved one’s face when they meet a room that reflects their interests is more than worth it. Imagine what your nature-loving child will say when they see a room like this!

Of course, a kid’s room doesn’t have to be a place where they sleep – it’s a place that’s just for them. A playroom gives your little ones a place to express themselves, and lets you flex a few of your own creative muscles. Need some inspiration? Just look at how this Sacramento home turned out!

Work Alone or Work Together

As hard as you try, you can’t always leave your work at the office. When you need some time alone to get things done, you should have a quiet, engaging space that brings out the best in you. Imagine your home with a classic, elegant study for wrapping up your latest project:

If you need to bring someone over for a meeting, an office can be a good chance to tell them a little bit about yourself. This home in Travisso strikes a great balance between professional and stylish, with lots of personal touches that are sure to start a rewarding conversation.

Don’t forget to nurture your family’s artistic side. If you or someone you know needs a place where they can experiment creatively or hone their craft, a studio can be a fantastic addition to your home. It can be a lot of fun finding ways to work a unique, stylish aesthetic right into the layout of the room. With innovative designs like this, you’re sure to be inspired!

Remember that kids need a work-space too – as thrilled as they’d be if it did, homework isn’t going to finish itself. Take a look at this property in Denver and imagine your Terrain Ravenwood home with a space that makes learning fun.

Bring Movie and TV to a Whole New Level

Whether you want to show your Blu-Ray collection some love or have your friends over to watch a season finale event, a home theater can really take your entertainment experience over the top. There are plenty of directions to go with – you could try a more subdued, elegant space that’s just as good for socializing.

If you’re confident in your ability to work without distractions, you can even make a hybrid office/theater space, like this home in the Windy City.

But if you really want to make the most of a dedicated entertainment area, you’re going to need two things: a big screen, and cushy, decadent seating. Look at these spaces below and try to resist the urge to bust out the popcorn right now!

Entertaining and Hospitality

Having a few fun spaces to show off to guests can always make your parties more interesting. The personal touches in this nook are an inspiration to any Austin-area home – especially if you’re a fan of music!

You could also take a cue from this Denver home and set up a fun wine room. Nothing makes your favorite vintages better than good friends and a great space.

When you’re wrapping up for the night, you want to make sure anybody staying over is nice and comfy. A guest room is more than a place where visiting family and friends can catch a wink – it’s a chance to show people a unique atmosphere they can’t get at a hotel. Make your loved ones feel pampered with an elegant, tailored space that’s just for them.

Or give them a room with a fun theme that reminds them why they came to visit, like this lovely Taylor Morrison home in Houston!

Make Your Home Yours

These are only a few possible ways to take advantage of any extra space you have lying around. Your Taylor Morrison home is unique to you – whatever you do with your room, it should be something that makes you feel as special and valued as the rest of the house.

Share your ideas for a bonus room below!

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