Warm Your Heart with Fun Tips for a Winter Night In

Make the Most of Winter Nights with Your Family

Updated October 23, 2019

There’s something magic about wintertime. Depending on where you live, powdery snow transforms your surroundings into a breathtaking wonderland – one perfect for exploring with family and friends visiting for the holidays. However, winter isn’t without its downsides. The days are shorter, the air is colder, and the same holidays that let you spend time with your loved ones can make it a little trickier than usual to go out for the evening. For those wondering how to fight boredom on quiet nights in, worry not – Taylor Morrison has you covered.

Getting Into the Right State of Mind

As with anything, winter nights in are all about perspective. Don’t look at road closures or frigid temperatures as something that keeps you trapped – look at them as the chance to enjoy your family, friends, and Sterling Ranch home that they are! If you don’t believe us, take it from people that have lived in the coldest countries in the world for thousands of years. The Danes call it hygge, while the Norwegians call it koselig. Whatever you call it, taking advantage of bad weather to get nice and cozy with your loved ones works just as well in homes in Denver as homes in Tromsø.

Setting a Cozy Mood

The essence of the hygge mindset is getting nice and cozy, which would preclude any super-stressful planning. But there are plenty of quick, easy ways to create a welcoming atmosphere for your loved ones!

  • Take advantage of your home’s natural features. If you’re lucky enough to enjoy the spacious floor plans at Reunion Ranch, you can set up in front of the warmth of the fireplace.
  • Don’t have a fire in your home in Austin? A cheap space heater can create a similar space for warming up your toes, and even offers more flexibility since you can move it around!
  • Candles are a great way to add some cozy mood lighting. You can buy some from your favorite shop, or use some mason jars and scented wax to make your own!
  • Nothing makes it easier to get nice and comfy than some thick blankets and fluffy pillows. Having dedicated throw pillows and blankets for the living room is a terrific idea, but if you don’t, just bring in a few from the bedroom! Just make sure they’re recently washed if you’re having company over.

Keep Things (Somewhat) Simple

Stephanie from Somewhat Simple always comes through with fun tips, so it’s no surprise that she’s got some great DIY ideas for when it gets chilly outside. Our favorite tips are below, but if you’d like to see more, check out her instagram and follow along with #SomewhatSimpleHome and #SSBuildsWithTM!

Heat Things Up with a Game Night

Whether you have a cleared-off coffee table in the living room or a game room like the Chambray Floor Plan at Headwaters, a fun way to spend a cold winter evening is with some of your favorite games. Standbys like Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders always make for a good time, but don’t miss out on these gems!

  • The historic-themed fun of the Days of Wonder family of games, as well as the madcap mashup of pictionary and telephone that is Telestrations are big favorites of the Taylor Morrison team. Along with classics like Catan, it’s hard to go wrong with these!
  • If you want something simpler, never underestimate an old-fashioned deck of cards. From Wizard and Blackjack to Go FIsh, you have plenty of options for fun games to try.
  • Don’t assume that certain types of games are off-limits. Cards Against Humanity is great fun for adults, but kids don’t have to be left out – just play Apples to Apples instead!
  • Turn on the TV and whip out your smartphones – games like the Jackbox Party Pack and Drawful offer experiences that you just can’t replicate with boards or cards.

Party in your Pajamas

Add a little fun to your winter weeknight with a pajama party! Your Larimar Floor Plan gathering room in Travisso only needs you, your loved ones, and your favorite comfy nighttime clothes!

  • If you want to make things more exciting for the kids, set up play-stations for them throughout the living room. Use a cheap tablecloth and some paper to make an art station, or go above and beyond with fabric markers that let each guest customize their pillowcase! You can also set up legos with a few bowls of bricks – just be careful not to spill too many on the floor!
  • Pajama party food should be a fun balance between comfort and clean – you don’t want to make a mess of your nighttime wear! Kids and adults can enjoy nuggets, fries, pizzas, and simple sandwiches, while the fun of a DIY sundae bar for dessert is worth the risk of stains.
  • The best part of a pajama party is how easy it is to tailor to your needs. You can easily combine movie nights, game nights, or sleepovers with the fun of a pajama party – all you need are your PJs!

Don’t let this winter leave you in the cold. Take advantage of this wonderful time of year and enjoy some seasonal fun with your loved ones!

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