Set Your Sights on 2018: New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

At Taylor Morrison, we take great pride in building new homes inspired by you. To turn the tables for a change, it’s our turn to inspire you!

2018 is here and to make it the best year yet, you need a plan. To set goals, make resolutions and most of all, to stick to them.

Join the growing community of Taylor Morrison homeowners by sharing your New Year’s resolutions here in our poll.

Fantastic Suggestions for Turning over a New Leaf

Not surprisingly, a lot of us share the same ideas for things we can do to improve our day-to-day lives. If you’re stuck for ideas on changes to shoot for in 2018, you can always consult the Marist Poll to see the most popular New Year’s resolutions in the United States.

  • Be a better person: Topping the list at 12% of participants polled, working to be a better person is the most common resolution in America. It held the top slot in 2017, too. It’s a great choice. Who doesn’t want to be a better person?
  • Lose weight: The #1 resolution among women, shedding a few pounds is a popular goal. Not a terrible idea after all that fudge and one too many holiday cookies!
  • Get more exercise: 9% of those asked cited a healthier exercise routine as the top priority. Make your heart happy with an active lifestyle.
  •  Eat healthy: Nearly 1 in 10 put more fruits & vegetables at the head of the list. More greens, less Mickey D’s.
  • Find a better job: Is a new employer in your horizon? Whether your plan is to get a raise or follow your dreams, 9% of Americans are also on the lookout for greener pastures in the workplace.
  • Spend less & save more: 7% of respondents would like to get their finances in order during the new year.

And don’t worry. If none of these ideas resonate with you, 30% of the country chose something completely different too.

From traveling to dedicating more time to hobbies to learning how to ski, it’s OK if your resolution is altogether unique.

Health Reigns Supreme

If there’s an underlying theme to popular New Year’s resolutions, it’s that we’d all like to be a little kinder to our bodies in 2018.

Here are a few tips to get healthier in the year to come:

And if you’re into extreme solutions, consider a big move to the sunshine state. Southwest Florida real estate ranks exceptionally high in the well-being indices, particularly Sarasota and Naples.

Good Luck & Stay Diligent

We all know that making a New Year’s resolution and keeping one are far from one in the same. Find a system that works for you so that big changes will soon become second nature.

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