Pro Homecare Videos to Keep Your New Home in Tip-Top Condition

Home Care Videos

If you’re the proud owner of a new Taylor Morrison home our new series of home maintenance videos is must-see! You’ll get professional tips to maintain your house in tip-top condition, presented in short, easy-to-follow bites. Learn what tools you’ll need for specific jobs and how to use them safely. It’s info that will protect the comfort and value of your home for years to come. Here’s a quick rundown on each video. You can view them all at our new Home Care Highlights page.

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An Open and Shut Case for Cabinet Care

Kitchen and bathroom cabinetry get a lot of daily use. Proper care can keep those cabinets looking and working as well as the day you moved into your new home. The how-to home care tips in this video include the basic tools: Phillips screwdriver, oil-free spray lubricant, touch-up kit and a simple bubble level. Watch and see how easy it is to adjust cabinet hardware, repair nicks and scratches and keep surfaces free of grease and grime. Tip: in a pinch, you can download a bubble level app for your smart phone or tablet.

Care and Maintenance Tips for Fab Floors

Flooring in new homes these days runs the gamut from ceramic tile to vinyl, natural stone, hardwood and laminates, plus carpeting, of course. Learn how a few simple tools and the right cleaning methods will protect any modern flooring type from wear and tear, and prevent water spots, too. Our pros recommend a flat mop with washable/replaceable pads, a fiber brush for grout and a touch-up kit for wood floors. If you have carpets, you’ll also want a quality vacuum. The video covers the proper way to clean every flooring surface. We’ll add these suggestions: Buy some kneepads for cleaning grout and invest in good dirt-catching mats inside and outside entrances.

Hearth-Warming Tips for Gas Fireplace Care

Many Taylor Morrison new homes come with gas fireplaces. They’re a safe, fuss-free way to enjoy a cracking fire. Keep yours in perfect operating condition with professional gas fireplace care, use and cleaning tips. The video also covers basic safety and operating features to which we’ll add this one: never leave a gas fireplace burning unattended when it’s so easy to turn them on and off. We also recommend that read your gas fireplace owner’s manual before the first use and review it every year to refresh your memory.

Care for Your Caulking and It Will Care for You

This is your home’s first line of defense against moisture, drafts and insect damage. That’s why annual inspection of caulk is always included on home maintenance check lists. Learn about the tools you’ll need repair and replace damaged caulk. Do invest the few dollars it costs on a caulking gun; your wrist and fingers will thank you. Extra tip: use painters tape around the area to be caulked to achieve a crisp, clean line.

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Featured Electrical Tips

Yes, You Can Replace Can Light Bulb and Fixtures

Our video demonstrates the safe, easy DIY way to replace a burnt out bulb and even swap out can lights energy-efficient LED disc lights. Tip: when screwing in or unscrewing anything, just remember Lefty Loosey, Righty Tighty. EZ-peezy, huh?

What the GFIC?

It’s short for ground fault circuit interrupter and its used to prevent overloads and in places where water and electricity might accidentally meet with shocking results. Watch the video to learn how to reset and test your GFICs using the buttons on the switch plates. Tip: Always unplug the appliance that caused the overload before you hit the reset button.

Make Peace with Your Smoke/Radon Detectors

They’re designed so if one goes off, they all go off. It’s not a conspiracy to annoy you. It’s to protect you. This video tells you how to help them do their life-safe job with routine maintenance. Tip: Use canned air to clear away cobwebs and dust whenever you change the batteries.

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Plumbing Tips

Keep Little Leaks from Becoming Big Leaks

Watch the plumbing video and learn about preventive measures (like knowing where the main water valve is) and quick steps to stop small drips from becoming costly repairs. Tip: Modern low-flow toilets prefer that you use single-ply paper. Okay, you’ve been warned.

Feed Your Garbage Disposal the Right Stuff

Is it just us or do these guys only fail when company is coming? This video is choke full of maintenance tips that will keep you disposal running smoothly and smelling sweet. It includes how to safely reset most units. Tip: Use the drain protector when you aren’t using the disposal to prevent ruined teaspoons and other kitchen tragedies.

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Outside Tips

Storm Shutters ABCs

Taylor Morrison includes storm shutters with new homes in storm-prone areas. This video shows you the proper way to install them and store them. Tip: Do a trial installation run when the sun is shining, so you’ll know what to do when storms threaten.

Frost and Pipes Equal Plumbing Nightmares

If it freezes where you live, this video will show you a few simple, inexpensive steps to prevent frozen and burst pipes. Tip: Water damage caused by burst pipes and leaks due to owner negligence may not be covered by standard homeowner policies.

Improve Your World View

Learn the right way to remove and reinstall your window screens for cleaning. Tip: Always handle the screens by their edges to prevent damage.

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More Home Care & Maintenance Tips

Every Taylor Morrison home comes with a limited warranty along with individual manufacturers’ warranties for certain products. You can also get specific home care tips and a maintenance schedule here. We also invite you to check out our Home Cleaning Maintenance Tips blog.

Of course, you have to be a homeowner to have a home to maintain. So let’s get that ball rolling and find a home that’s right for you right here.


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