Navigating the New: Tips and Tricks for Moving Day Success

moving into a new home

So, after an insurmountable amount of hard work, good luck, and a few ups and downs, you’re finally preparing to move into your brand-new home! We’re here to congratulate you and assure you that all the stress you may have felt is going to be 100% worth it.  

Moving to a new house is one of the healthiest and smartest moves you can make. At Taylor Morrison, we believe this wholeheartedly, from our top-of-the-line construction to our superb GE appliances and commitment to sourcing quality materials for every home we build.  

Let’s get into it! Here’s our best advice on moving into a new home, including how you should prepare before your moving day, what to do when it comes, and how to seamlessly handle the days after. You’ve got this. 

Things to do Before Moving

Use this moving packing checklist we’ve put together to make sure you don’t miss a step when moving into a new home. 

Update Your Mailing Address

Head to USPS and update your address a couple weeks before the move to eliminate last-minute stress. You can specify the exact dates you need the mail to stop at your old place and arrive at your new home.  

Keep Your Friends in the Loop

If you’re feeling inspired, send a carefully crafted moving announcement. Or give your friends and family a call or a text letting them know the good news. What matters is that you keep the people you care about in the loop. They’ll want to know! 

Okay, Now You Should Pack

Hopefully your move is still a couple of weeks away and you have plenty of time to pack. Start with items you won’t need daily and slowly work up to the essentials (beds, silverware, etc.) as time goes on. Be sure to label all your boxes to make the move-in process significantly easier. 

Unwanted Items? Have a Garage Sale!

One of the best ways to unload unnecessary items quickly is to have a garage sale. If your neighborhood has a weekend community sale, join in. Or go solo and post signs all around your area and nearby major streets.  

Make a Donation

Another great way to declutter is to donate any of your gently used items to your local thrift store or donation center.  

Make Time to Register

Avoid any mishaps if you find yourself pulled over and ensure your voice is heard during election season. Before you move, be sure to register your vehicles with your new address and register to vote. 

Find Important Records

Contact your doctor, dentist, or school to obtain your records. You never know when you may need them, and it’s best not to call up your doctor five years later looking for a long-lost record.  

Don’t Forget About Wi-Fi

In today’s world, Wi-Fi is almost always a necessity. Set it up before moving into a new home to ensure remote work or school goes smoothly. 

Moving Guide + Essentials for Moving

The day has finally arrived! You’re probably feeling a mix of excitement, nerves, nostalgia, hope, and more. We’re here to help you smoothly transition into your new home. Here’s what you should know. 

Did You Hire the Pros or Recruit Your Friends?

Whether you hired professional movers or coerced your friends with the biggest cars to help you move, there are some general niceties you can do to show your appreciation.  

Tip Your Movers

If you hire movers, 20% is a nice amount to tip. And be sure to provide your movers with cold water to stay hydrated!  

Buy Your Friends Pizza

Chances are, you’re probably not paying your friends to help you make your move. Show them your appreciation by providing a hot meal and cold drinks when the job is done. 

Plan With a Planner

Bust out the old pen and paper and create a schedule. Of course, you could also use an app or online planning device, but we think writing things down helps to truly cement your plan in place.  

Create a Timeline

Remember, your new space doesn’t have to be perfect right away. Unpacking and organizing your belongings takes time. Set daily goals in your planner, and you’ll be unpacked and living your best life before you know it.  

Start With the Essentials

We understand the desire to hang your favorite artwork and photographs on the walls immediately. These are the things that make your house feel like a home.

However, when first moving into a new home, it is essential to focus on the basics (at least for the first couple of hours). As the days go by, you can add your personal touches and décor, transforming your home into a space you can’t wait to get back to.  

Kids? Pets? It’s Time to Proof!  

If you have tiny kids crawling around, you already know it’s important to prepare your new space. Cover those sharp corners with kid-proof tech for peace of mind.  

The same goes for your furry friends—prep your house by moving chemicals up high and investing in latches for your cabinets with trash cans.  

You Knew it Was Coming…Clean!

When you move into a brand-new Taylor Morrison house, you won’t have to clean nearly as much as if you had moved into an older home. However, it’s still a smart idea to wipe down surfaces like windows, counters, shelving, and the area under your sinks.  

Consider Investing in New Cleaning Supplies

For a fresh and clean start, consider buying all-new cleaning supplies that will get the job done quickly and thoroughly. Pro tip: find supplies that you love the scent of to make cleaning feel like less of a chore.  

High then low

A good rule to follow is to start cleaning high and go down. For example, if you’re going to dust the tallest cabinets in your kitchen, you may need to stand on your counters. Starting higher up prevents you from having to clean the counter twice.  

Gather Your Manuals

Before your appliance and other home manuals get lost in the chaos of moving day, gather them and figure out a designated spot to keep them in.  

GE Appliances

If you’re moving into a Taylor Morrison home, you’ll have brand-new GE appliances with QR code manuals, so you won’t have to worry about losing them. Check out how your GE appliances will level up your home health here!  

What You Should Find ASAP

It’s important to locate your fuse box, gas and water valves, and electrical box. Once you find them, ensure you know how to use them in case of an emergency. 

Take a Break!

That’s right. We recommend taking several breaks throughout the day. The truth is there’s no big rush. Trust us—your house will feel like a home in no time.  

Let Your Inner Interior Designer Shine

The layout of your furniture is more important than you might think. Where you place your pieces will impact your home’s entire look and feel.  

Feng Shui

If you want to dive into decorating, look into the Chinese art of Feng Shui, a method of arranging that creates harmony in your space. Some examples of Feng Shui rules include:  

  • Separate areas where you work from places where you rest.  
  • Keep your entryway free of clutter and easily walkable.  
  • A cluttered refrigerator can indicate a cluttered mind. Clean it often.  
  • Do not put your bed on the same wall as your door—this interferes with your rest.  
  • Place tall plants in room corners to bring good luck.  

Looking for more decorating tips? Check out our blog here.

Take Your Time

Take a step back (literally and figuratively) to decide where to place your furniture. You don’t need to rush. Instead, take your time, try things out, and don’t shy away from rearranging.  

Trash and Recycling Days

Trust us on this one. Figure out when your neighborhood’s trash and recycling days are, and don’t miss them. After moving into a new home, you’ll have lots of boxes and packing supplies you’ll need to recycle or throw away.  

Empty Boxes?

Before you toss all those empty moving boxes in the trash, consider recycling them, giving them to a friend who’s moving, or saving them. After all, you never know when a cardboard box will come in handy (cough, cough, habitual online shoppers). 

You Made Your Move. Now What?

Congrats—you did it! Finally, the boxes are unpacked, the fridge is stocked, your photos are artfully placed on your walls, and your new house is beginning to feel like home. Here are just a few more tips for the couple of weeks after the big move.

Sign up for Nextdoor

Nextdoor is a website and app where you can connect with your neighbors. This comes in handy in ways you may not expect.

Find dogsitters, traffic alerts, and important community information on the app. Plus, many neighborhoods have Facebook communities where you can meet people and gets lots of information. 

What Else Do You Need?

During the chaos of moving, did you realize your old lawn mower just isn’t going to cut it anymore? Are the wheels on your bikes falling off? Did your silverware get lost in the shuffle? Figure out what else you need and stock up to avoid stress later on.  

News, News, News

Although it might seem like a relic from long ago, signing up to receive the local newspaper can be a great way to get the latest information and low-down on your new community. Give it a try! 

Plan For an Emergency

Although it’s not fun to think about, having a plan in case of fire, earthquake, and other emergencies is undoubtedly a smart idea. 

Meet Your Neighbors

A friendly smile and a wave can go a long way. Introduce yourself to your neighbors and before you know it, you’ll truly feel like a part of your community. 

Spruce Up Your Yards  

Well, if you don’t have a front or backyard, you can ignore this tip and enjoy your low-maintenance lifestyle. But, if you do, you’ll have a great time sprucing up your yards. Add flowers, mow the lawn, set up a swing set, hammock, or trampoline in the back, and more. The possibilities are endless. 

Come Home to Taylor Morrison

You did it! You got through the move, your new home is coming together, you’ve made some neighbor friends, and you’re settling into your new life. We couldn’t be happier for you.

If you’re a Taylor Morrison homeowner, we are so glad you chose us to build your new home. If you’re still in the market, we’d love to get to know you and help you find a place you’ll truly love to live. Connect with us, reserve online, and more. We are always here to help. 

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