Why Celina Is the Perfect Choice for Relocating Near Dallas, Texas

Relocating to Celina Texas

Celina – A Slice of Heaven That’s Just Down the Street from Dallas

We always say that there’s a lot to love about Texas, but this is something that you already know. Texas, especially the Dallas area, is one of the friendliest areas in the country.

We think that the natural beauty, gorgeous sunsets, and southern charm have a little something to do with it.

For prospective home buyers looking at properties in northern Texas, choosing the best community among so many great ones can easily become overwhelming.

This is why we at Taylor Morrison would like to introduce you to Celina, Texas – a vibrant, colorful community with no shortage of Texan charm.

Our Sweetwater at Light Farms homes located in Celina is a prime location for those that currently live or work in Dallas and are looking for a change, or those interested in moving near the Dallas area but want the relaxation and peace that come with being a little removed from the major metropolitan area.

Where in the World Is Celina, Texas?

To put it simply, Celina is in the center of it all. Celina is surrounded by some of northern Texas’s most desirable and fastest growing communities, including McKinney, Prosper and Gunter. This region of the state is experiencing major growth, and it’s no wonder considering the irresistible appeal of the gently rolling hills, candy colored sunsets and local attractions and amenities that make this the place that more and more people are wanting to call home.

Celina offers a special kind of respite from the Dallas area. Those that work in Dallas know that for everything that’s great about the big city, there are also a few downfalls – congestion being one of them. Where Dallas is big and booming, Celina is a little more modest and charismatic in personality.

Those looking to escape the city life but want easy access for work and weekend play will love the fact that Celina is located right on the Dallas North Tollway extension.

The commute from Celina to Dallas is about 45 minutes, much less than the commute time from some of the other popular smaller towns outside the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Celina’s growing popularity with those that work in or around Dallas means that opportunities for carpooling and other ride sharing services are easy to find.

What Makes Celina the Texan Paradise That’s Only 45 Minutes from Dallas?

With a population under 10,000 residents, Celina is often considered one of the best kept secrets in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Every prospective home buyer that comes to Taylor Morrison has a picture in their mind of the perfect community, and Celina is one spot that always lives up to the image.

While driving in and around Celina, it feels like you are in the middle of a rancher’s paradise, straight out of movie scene. With miles and miles of the gently rolling hills that northern Texas is famous for, it’s easy to get to let your mind wander and get lost in the idea of living the big country lifestyle.

But, this is just a taste of what life is like in Celina. Once you get inside, you’ll find that the local flavors are far more complex and exciting.

Celina is an exceptional community for families, especially those interested in sports. We all know that there’s a population in Dallas that lives and breathes football. In this way, Celina and Dallas are very much alike.

Families that chose to live in Celina will have their children attend schools in one of the best districts in northern Texas.

Along with academics, there is a strong focus on high school sports, especially football. You’ll enjoy the sense of community that’s built in the Friday night town rallies that celebrate the Celina High School Bobcats, the football team that has brought in 20 state titles.

For sports lovers that feel like 45 minutes is just too far away from Dallas, you’ll find an overabundance of team spirit and realize that it really isn’t that far away at all.

Even for the rare person in Celina that isn’t filled with pride for their high school home team, you’ll find plenty of wonderful opportunities to see that Celina is the “big” small town that offers a laid-back country lifestyle, close knit communities and plentiful amenities, all while being barely a whisper away from beautiful Dallas.

Relocation to Celina Made Easy

At Taylor Morrison, we speak with home buyers every day that are excited about relocating and finding the home of their dreams. This is an incredibly exciting time in a homebuyer’s life, but we also know that it can be stressful.

Relocation brings with it new challenges – like adjusting to a new schedule and commute, helping the children acclimate to a new school, getting to know the neighbors and finding your place in your new community.

All of this takes time no matter where you are, but something about Celina seems to make the transition a little easier.

The Dallas area is filled with big Texas charm and friendliness, and you can barely take ten steps without someone saying hello and offering a smile. This is one of the things that residents of Dallas love about their city, and often worry that smaller towns like Celina are a little more reserved in their outgoingness.

When you move into your new Celina home, you’ll be greeted by a community that’s ready to welcome you.

Celina is currently experiencing growth, especially in the real estate industry, and residents know that this is a great thing for their town. You’ll find that you’ll not only love the community but that it also doesn’t take long before you start to feel like a lifelong resident of this beautiful town.

Embrace Celina at Sweetwater

Our Sweetwater at Light Farms community was built to represent everything that’s great about Celina.

With plenty of amenities, including yoga at the clubhouse, outdoor sports and a specially designed dog park, you’ll instantly forget that you called any other place home.

Contact Taylor Morrison today and let us introduce you to Celina, Texas and the new Light Farms house that will become your home.

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