10 Popular Neighborhoods for Homebuyers in Celina, Texas

Sweetwater at Light Farms

There is no shortage of great communities to live in throughout northern Texas and the Dallas-Fort Worth area. If you’re thinking about buying a home in this region, it’s important to consider all your options. For homebuyers who are looking for a nice mix of quiet, Texas charm and access to all the amenities of the larger cities, a new home in Celina, TX should be at the top of the places you’re considering.

Celina is a growing city, with many great neighborhoods. To help you learn more about Celina, Texas and find the community that is the right fit for you, here is a little bit about the 10 most popular neighborhoods in the area.

1. Light Farms

Light Farms in Celina, Texas is a community known for luxury amenities and an amazing location – which makes it one of the most desired neighborhoods to live in. Light Farms is a community that has been built with both traditional and modern comforts in mind.

When Light Farms was built, developers realized that people are looking for more than a nice house on a beautiful street. Homeowners also wanted a community that they felt they could be a part of, and one that made it easy for them live a healthy, fulfilling life. This was the thought behind the more than 13 miles of trails, community pools, saunas, and ample gathering space for both intimate and larger community events.

With over 1,070 acres devoted to home and lifestyle development, Light Farms is a growing community that will continue to be a place of high interest to homebuyers for years to come.

2. High Point Estates

High Point Estates is a neighborhood that was developed in 2001. Since that time, it has become established as one of the premier communities for large, single family homes with access to some of the best schools in the area. One of the features of High Point Estates that really attracts home buyers is that the size of the homes and quality of the neighborhood, compared to the average home price, are exceptional.

3. Carter Ranch

Carter Ranch is a community that is infused with small town charm, an easy going atmosphere and tight-knit neighbors. It’s a great neighborhood to settle down and live their best possible life. According to Nextdoor, the top things that residents love about Carter Ranch include that it’s a peaceful, well maintained community in a beautiful setting.

4. Estates on Preston

Estates on Preston is an older neighborhood that was established in 1994. During the nearly 25 years since it first became recognized as a Celina community, residents of Estates on Preston have created a neighborhood that homebuyers are highly interested in.

The fact that it is so established makes it extra attractive for those looking to plant roots or build a career. You’re less likely to find a higher turnover of homeowners in Estates on Preston that you are in some other neighborhoods in Celina.

5. Preston Hills

Preston Hills is another older, more established neighborhood in Celina, but it’s also one that frequently sees new development. This means that there is a nice mix of residents who have taken part in building the neighborhood and new residents that have come in with fresh energy to keep the community moving forward.

You’ll find a range of home prices in Preston Hills, some of them being at the upper end of home prices in the area. The typical home price can range anywhere from (the low, mid or high)? $300,000 – (low, mid or high?) $900,000, with the median home price hovering right around the $500,000 mark.

6. Wild Wood Estates

Wild Wood Estates is considered an upscale neighborhood in Celina, Texas. Don’t let its upscale designation fool you into thinking that it’s pretentious, because it’s not. In fact, what you’re likely to find here is a strong sense of community and a place that you’ll love calling home.

Wild Wood Estates is a neighborhood that is great for commuters because of its close access to highways and all the amenities that help make busy lifestyles more comfortable.

7. Morgan Lake

Morgan Lake is a neighborhood in Celina that is perfect for homeowners who want a quality, luxury style home but aren’t keen on the “cookie cutter” appearance that some neighborhoods can have. Morgan Lake features a wide variety in styles and sizes of homes. Residents love that the community is well maintained and well suited for active lifestyles and people who like to get involved in neighborhood happenings.

8. Parkside

Parkside is one of the newer neighborhoods in Celina, with development beginning in 2015. The homes are uniquely built and spacious, with floor plans that appeal to the modern home buyer. Parkside is a good neighborhood for homebuyers that are looking for a more recently built home. With new houses still being built, it’s possible to enter the community as the first owner of one of the new builds. The median house price in Parkside is also slightly lower than some of the other neighborhoods in Celina,  starting at a low$300,000.

9. Heritage

The Heritage neighborhood of Celina, Texas is a community that has been well established for about 15 years but has areas that are still under development. Heritage is an attractive, peaceful neighborhood for homebuyers who are looking for unique homes that each carry their individual personality. There is also a wider than average range of home prices in Heritage, beginning in the low $200,000s and the high $900,000 range.

10. Creeks of Legacy

Creeks of Legacy is a charming community within close proximity to the Dallas North Tollway, which makes it a perfect location for those who make the commute to the DFW Metro area five days a week. This neighborhood is perfect for homeowners that want easy access to all the amenities of the big city, but like a quiet, serene community to return home to at the end of the day. Beautiful single family homes in the mid $300,000 range are available on spacious oversized lots.

Make Your Move to Celina, TX

Choosing the neighborhood that you will build your life in deserves serious thought, and there are plenty of options in Celina to consider. We would like to introduce you to our Sweetwater at Light Farms community, where you’ll find beautiful homes, the community amenities you’re looking for and a neighborhood that you’ll love.

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