Back-to-School Home Organization Ideas: From the Backpack to Your Kitchen!

August is finally here, and for many, that means one thing—back to school! Leaves are turning to gorgeous hues of red and yellow, the Scholastic Book Fair is around the corner, and those late summer nights are settling into an organized schedule. Set everyone up for success by creating a tidy and organized home. Let’s get into it! Here’s our best back-to-school home organization ideas to start the school year off right.  

Declutter + Streamline 

While this tip may not be the most original idea, it’s still an invaluable one: declutter, declutter, declutter. There’s scientific evidence to back up the benefits of a tidy space. According to a mental health study by Utah State University in 2022, “When things are not organized or clean, it can often bring vast amounts of anxiety. You may feel constantly stressed, worried, or afraid of more clutter accumulating. To allow our minds to find some peace, decluttering can lift that weight and help us to think clearer and feel calmer.”  

Well, we’re convinced! Wondering exactly how to declutter for back-to-school home organization? Keep reading; we’ve got you covered. 

Sort and Organize School Supplies 

back to school home organization

When it comes to sorting and organizing, keep it simple. For example, categorize supplies based on their functionality when you’re sorting. Pencils, pens, and markers can be grouped as writing tools, while notebooks, binders, and folders can be organized as storage and organization tools. 

If you’re ready to level up your back-to-school home organization, sort supplies by subject or class, making it easier to find what you need when studying or completing assignments. By keeping school supplies organized, young students can save time, allowing them to focus more and stress less. 

Looking for more design inspiration? Read our blog on unique ideas for your flex room to personalize your space!

Find Organizations That Donate School Supplies 

If you have old or unused school supplies, you can make a difference in your community and help kids in need. Be sure to check with your local schools, community centers, and organizations accepting donations to determine their specific needs and requirements. Add a nice touch to your donation by thoroughly cleaning and organizing your supplies to ensure they’re ready to be used by others. 

Looking for places to donate? Check out these insights from Forbes and help out your community today. 

Establish a Routine 

back to school home organization

Our friends at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services highlight the importance of students having an at-home routine. “Just like adults, children feel more confident and secure when their daily activities are predictable and familiar.” The answer is clear—help your young students feel their best with a back-to-school home organization routine this school year. 

Here’s a few quick tips for creating an efficient routine: 

  • Designate a drop-off spot for backpacks, coats, and shoes. 
  • Decide when to do homework, whether right after school or an hour or two later. 
  • Ensure students place their homework in their backpacks or somewhere they won’t forget once it’s complete. 

Create a Designated Study Area or Homework Station 

Promote a healthy work-life balance by creating a designated study and homework spot. A good study room will minimize distractions (for example, TVs usually aren’t welcome in a good study room), allowing students to focus on their work. Be sure to consider access to natural light and fresh air for study room ideas! Open a window in favorable weather, decorate with calming colors, and consider adding plants around the room for a truly Zen environment. 

Kitchen Organization with Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit 

Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit posing in a Taylor Morrison kitchen

That’s right—we’ve officially partnered with Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit, professional organizers who improve the everyday with a unique blend of form, function, and fun. Check out the video below, read our blog on the partnership, and keep scrolling for kitchen organization wisdom this school year. From school lunches to after school snacks, we have organization tips for your pantry, refrigerator, spice rack, and beyond. 

Always remember, form follows function. Map out the focal areas in your kitchen and which tools correspond to each area. For example, put spices in the cabinet or drawer closest to your oven, and your spatulas and utensils closest to your prep areas. In other words, set yourself up for cooking success! After school dinners don’t have to be a huge undertaking, thanks to handy organization tips and tricks.  

Create Zones in Your Fridge 

Clea and Joanna of The Home Edit standing in front of an organized fridge

Create zones for various categories in your fridge to locate items more efficiently and maximize the functionality of your space. For a convenient touch, pre-make school lunches and have them ready to go the night before school. You’ll be out the door in no time instead of scrambling for a last-minute meal. 

You can use this tip in your pantry, too! Removing snacks from their original packaging can help to cut down on much-needed storage space. Plus, this makes it easier for kids to find the snacks they need, whether it’s after school, before sports, etc. 

Try Out Turntables 

Colorful pantry organized by The Home Edit

Make sure you store items you don’t use often on harder-to-reach top shelves. Then, use turn tables at eye level to access your items at the front and back of the shelves quickly and easily. 

Sneak in a Beverage Station 

Monday mornings got you down? Make the work commute a little bit sweeter with a coffee and tea station. Store your mugs and supplies directly near the coffee maker or tea kettle for easy access. 

How to Maintain an Organized Environment 

back to school home organization

So, you got everything in your home all organized, but now the question is—how do you maintain it? With a bit of consistency and effort, your place can stay as beautiful as the day you first organized it! And if you ever need some organizational inspiration, be sure to check out our video series with The Home Edit here. 

Regularly Clean and Declutter 

As everyone knows, it is incredibly easy for clutter to pile up. A small pile of clothes can become a huge one in just a matter of days. But, with a little effort each day, keeping up your space is easy.  Before you leave for the day and before you go to bed, pick up misplaced items and place them in their correct spots. A task as simple as this can keep your home in tip-top shape.

Just like clutter, dreaded dust can pile up before you know it. Take a few minutes each week to dust off windowsills, fans, and other items. Wipe down counters each night, and never leave a sink full of dirty dishes. Clean spaces, here you come! 

Get the entire household involved 

We understand it can be hard to keep it all together on your own. Designate tasks for each member of your household to make the decluttering and cleaning processes even more seamless and stress-free. 

Welcome Back to School! 

As always, thanks for reading! We’re confident you’ll be organized and set for school all year long. If you’re in the market for a new place, be sure to check out our limited-time savings on homes in your area! 

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