From Coastal Grandma to Dark Academia: Discover Your Perfect Home Aesthetic

Welcome back to Second House on the Right! Today, we’re diving into trending home aesthetics, exploring how home décor styles are going viral and reaching younger audiences via “For You Pages” by way of trending #aesthetic and #core tags online. Where functionality and practicality once reigned supreme in homebuilding, Millennials and Gen Z have leveled up the design game with décor styles that are all about self-expression.

We’re excited to unveil the Top 5 trending home aesthetics we’ve observed—and ways you can incorporate their essence in your home with furniture upgrades and fresh paint. Each of these home aesthetics were hand-selected by our design team and perfectly paired with color palettes from Sherwin-Williams and furniture from MINE—the easiest way to make your new home look just like the models.

Ready to discover your design aesthetic and create a home that aligns with your unique style and personality? We know we are! Let’s get started and, more importantly, get decorating.

Take it Easy with the Coastal Grandma Home Aesthetic

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Hello, effortless chic. The phrase “Coastal Grandma” suggests images of relaxing days spent lounging on a chaise, crisp linen outfits, and houses exuding a preppy Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, and seaside Malibu-Santa Barbara style. The good news is you don’t need grandkids to make this breezy, summery aesthetic your own! Here’s what you have to look forward to in the Coastal Grandma aesthetic package:

  • Natural materials, including wood, rattan, and linen
  • Coastal-inspired décor, like driftwood
  • Muted and earthy tones, with accents of seafoam green, pale blue, and sandy beige
  • Floral and botanical prints can also be incorporated to bring the elegant yet carefree aesthetic to life

Let’s Hear from Lee Crowder, National Director of Design and Model Experience

“Coastal Grandma is perfect for the homebuyer looking for the casual class of affluent coastal living. It’s refined, yet relaxed, and your home is sure to exude a warm, inviting and luxurious feel.”

It’s okay to appreciate one or two design aesthetics but long for another. If you’re looking for a sharper, moodier vibe, you might just fall in love with the allure of Dark Academia.


Hit the Books in a Dark Academia Haven

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Dark Academia emphasizes reading, writing, learning, and a look best described as traditional-academic-with-a-gothic-edge. It combines classics of literary history, a passion for education, and a soft spot for sublime architecture in a preppy style. Dark Academia romanticizes education as something good and exciting, associated with joy. The “dark” suggests a slight penchant for the unusual and the illicit:

  • Deep, darker tones, paints, plaster, textures, patterns, and rich wood prevail
  • Soft lighting encourages a sensual and cozy vibe that draws from elegant maximalism
  • The architectural elements portray gothic looks mixed with a more modern American prep, perfect for the homebuyer going after a moody and mysterious look

Read on, then check out our blog on swoonworthy kitchen design ideas for even more design inspiration from the incredible Lee Crowder.

Discover Peaceful Sophistication with Quiet Luxury Home Aesthetics

Understated elegance, refined simplicity, and a calm atmosphere that exudes class with minimal effort define Quiet Luxury. With clean, thoughtfully curated interiors, neutral tones, and high-quality materials, this style is about investing in quality pieces that will remain timeless.

  • Textures, limited prints, classic lighting, and natural materials create a cohesive grouping of materials and color tones without any boldness
  • Minimal color palettes with rich fabrics and natural materials exude effortless elegance and understated lavishness

Homebuyers interested in classic home aesthetics will always remain in style. Let’s head west to get a taste of the earthy tones and bold choices that characterize the Southwestern aesthetic.

Embrace the Spirit of the Southwest in your Home

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Southwestern style is about decorating with essential elements of the West – equal parts adventurous, naturalist, and rugged. It’s comparable to a warm minimalism, leaning earthy and balanced, with pops of rust, sienna, and clay.

  • The Southwestern package is filled to the brim with earthy tones, bold patterns, natural accents and, of course, a stray cactus or two
  • Rustic furnishings, natural materials, rich textures, and a warm color palette creates a rich and storied aesthetic

Welcome Back, Lee!

“The Southwestern aesthetic is a tasteful way to bring character into your home,” Lee says. “With unique designs, textures and prints, the Southwestern aesthetic is sure to impress your guests.”

Ready to delve into even more color? Buckle up—the Dopamine home aesthetic is sure to brighten your spirits.


Bring Life and Energy to your Space with Dopamine

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The Dopamine package is all about putting your personality front and center. Dopamine décor is extraordinarily personal and individualistic for each homeowner, giving your home your personal stamp left, right, and center. It is an imaginative, self-indulgent, whimsical way to decorate your home. A sense of warmth and happiness, here you come!

  • Dopamine décor has brilliantly bold colors and patterns, eclectic prints, inviting textures, and a nostalgia-infused, unmissable vibe
  • It brings back memories of a carefree childhood—when your bedroom walls had your favorite celebrity posters, eccentric lights, and bright-colored walls.


Thanks for Reading!

Whether you’re a lover of clean minimalism, opt for bright, loud colors, or land somewhere in between, our customizable design aesthetics packages have exactly what you need to truly make your home your own. We hope you’re inspired to design a home that makes you happy every time you step through the front door. Here’s to joyful, beautifully designed homes!

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