Easy Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Easy Spring Home Maintenance Tips

The coming of spring is an exciting proposition. Flowers, butterflies, clean air and the return of blue skies and sunshine. But it’s also a time to get started on spring cleaning and post-winter home maintenance.

Don’t worry. Taylor Morrison’s got you covered. Everything you need to know about spring home maintenance in one easy-to-follow guide. Line up your chores and knock ‘em down, sunny days are around the corner and the sooner you get your work done the more time you’ll have free to play!

Consult Your Home Maintenance Ledger

Whether you prefer a spiral notebook or a spreadsheet, keeping track of your annual home maintenance duties is a must. After all, nipping problems in the bud before they become major issues can save you a lot of money on repairs.

If you don’t have a tracking system already, a great place to get started is with Taylor Morrison’s Maintenance Tips & Schedules. All the major components found in a Taylor Morrison home are covered and so all you’ve got to do is take note of each task’s frequency and plug reminders into your maintenance ledger accordingly.

That way you’ll never forget to keep an eye on all the stuff that keeps your home cozy and inviting.

For the Tech Minded

Another fantastic option for scheduling future home maintenance is to purchase the Home Routines App by Wunderbear at the iTunes store.

The app is easy to use and totally customizable. Plan daily to-do lists or program periodic reminders, it’s up to you. Just one more tool you can utilize to simplify your life and take better care of your new home.

A Better Way to Clean

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a burden. Not when there are so many hacks and workarounds out there to make things easier.

Check out these tips we shared previously. They’re packed with effective cleaning tips we borrowed from Stephanie at SomeWhat Simple. From speed cleaning to polishing faucets, scrubbing blinds and getting your washing machine to look like new, you too can be a housework whiz.

How to Make a 5-Star Bed

Ever wondered why the beds at high-end hotels are so inviting and luxurious? Sure, the mattress and sheets matter but part of the allure comes from expert bed making. Get ready to learn from the best:

Whether it’s your guest room or the owners’ suite. You’ll find it easy to catch some zzz’s with your immaculately made beds.

Appreciate the Value of Preventative Cleaning

Do you have any friends whose house always seems to be meticulously clean? Like, impossibly clean? All the time clean?

Well, it turns out keeping a spotless home doesn’t have to be an unsolved mystery. Keeping up a spick-and-span image has less to do with setting the weekend aside to scrub for hours and more to do with doing a little bit every week before filth and grime get out of hand.

Preventative cleaning for the win!

The way it works is simple. Maintain a set rotation where you periodically do a quick clean in every room of the house long before dirt gets a chance to stick. Why spend two hours cleaning a single room once when five or six 5-minute touchups does the same exact job?

No Ladder – No Problem

Norma Jean the Gutter Queen is here to show you two easy ways to clean your gutters without having to brave your life at the top of a ladder. Say good-bye to leaves and twigs and hello to functioning drain spouts.

One Simple Trick to Rid Your Carpet of Pet Hair Forever

For many homeowners, dogs and cats are part of the family. But living with 4-legged friends does present a certain spring cleaning conundrum – the fur gets everywhere!

If you’re at wits end and have tried everything, you won’t believe the solution. Head to the dollar store and pick up a squeegee. Then, watch and learn:

Keep Flies & Mosquitos Out

Torn or damaged window screens can be truly annoying. On one hand it doesn’t make sense to pay big bucks to replace screens that are barely ripped – but on the other hand, even the smallest holes allow insects to get into the house.

Here’s an easy solution. Replace window screens yourself. Even the most novice DIYer can do it and replacement mesh costs next to nothing. Check it out:

Safety First

Testing smoke alarms is an important part of keeping your family safe and sound. Learn more on why smoke alarms are one of the most important safety devices in your home:

Break out Your Gloves and Nippers

Spring cleaning is as much about the outside of your home as the inside. Before you stress out about all the post-winter yardwork you’ve got to do, watch this video and learn to tidy up your flower beds like a pro:

Find a New Home to Clean

If all this talk about home maintenance has you wishing you could just start fresh with a new home, maybe you’re ready to make the move to a new Taylor Morrison master planned community. With modern building materials and techniques, taking care of today’s new homes is easier than ever.

Here are a handful of our most popular communities from across the nation. Happy house hunting!

Nine states and dozens of new home communities – Find Your Forever Home.

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