Creating a Book Lover’s Paradise at Home

Home Decor Ideas for Book Lovers

Guest Contributor: Lee K. Crowder | Design Gallery and Model Home Branding Manager, Darling Homes and Taylor Morrison


If your idea of a wild Saturday night is a quiet corner and a best seller, then this is the post for you. From book-themed wall art to planning your reading space or finding a new construction Taylor Morrison home with a cozy study or reading nook in the master bedroom, you’ll find reading inspiration from cover to cover.

So pull up a chair, grab a comfy blanket, turn off the TV and cuddle up with a good book.

Planning Your Reading Area

The key to crafting a relaxing reading nook is to find a space that is located away from the hustle and bustle of the home. Think quiet and free from distractions. In fact, it’s a good idea to make the area a “device free” zone – unless, of course, your preference is to read on a kindle!

Ideally there will not be a television set in the space as a blaring TV makes it awfully difficult to concentrate on reading. Fortunately, a reading nook doesn’t require much square footage at all, so it’s easy to find a spare corner even in a small home or condo.

Aside from tranquility, you’ve got to be comfortable. A cozy chair and ottoman or a chaise lounge is a great start. A fluffy Lazy-Boy recliner works, too.

Lighting is very important. Quality ambient lighting is OK but ideally, task lighting is what you’re after. Set up a dedicated lamp over your shoulder or on a desk/table to fully illuminate your book or screen. Natural light is great when reading during the day, which is why many people like to set up their reading spot next to a bright window.

If you’ve got the space, adding bookshelves will help you keep your books organized but also add to the feel of the space.

Differentiate the Space

If your Taylor Morrison floor plan doesn’t feature a dedicated study, den or library, don’t worry. There are plenty of creative ways to stylistically set your reading nook apart from the rest of the home.

  • Choose a chair that is a one-off piece. A dedicated reading chair that is only used for that purpose.
  • Use an accent wall or area rug to separate the area from the rest of the room. A floor to ceiling bookshelf packed with your favorite reads does the trick, too.
  • Go alfresco and arrange your reading space on the patio or covered lanai.

Coffee or Tea?

Books and beverages go together like two peas in a pod. Don’t forget to stage a small but charming side table alongside your reading chair to set your coffee in the morning or your herbal tea (or nightcap) in the evening.

Fun Decorating Ideas

  • Spice up your bookshelves with just a few of your favorite things. Art, collectibles, sculptures or figurines. Anything that can fill in the empty spaces that expresses your personality.
  • A simple glass plated frame can be converted into gorgeous art simply by arranging a selection of your favorite book jackets under the pane.
  • A mountain of fun pillows serves a dual purpose. It adds character and extra comfort, too.
  • In places where there’s no room for shelves, invest in cute baskets or crates.

Reading Spaces for Kids

The younger you get your little ones hooked on books the more likely it is that they’ll be readers for life. The secret to getting it done is to make reading fun.

  • Hang a chalkboard to serve as a reading list and advancement tracker. You can also use a poster with star stickers or a bulletin board.
  • Display kids’ books by color instead of title.
  • Shop for a special chair designed for children. A giant beanbag is an excellent choice.
  • Hang bookshelves at the right height to make books easily accessible to kids.

Floor Plan Hunting for Readers

Shopping for a new construction home means poring over lots of floor plans to figure out which layout is the right fit for you and your family.

But “reading nook” isn’t a room generally listed on the blueprint. You’ve got to be a bit more creative!

Here’s a fantastic example:

Say you’re shopping for a new Ontario, CA home and you’re looking at Plan 2 at Meadowood at Park Place.

At the top of the stairs there’s a “technical alcove.” But there’s no reason why you can’t set this workspace up for relaxing and reading instead. The location is perfect as it’s adjacent to the laundry room. Pop in a load and bust out a couple chapters until the buzzer goes off.

Keep a Keen Eye out for Optional Bonus Rooms

Similar to building a custom home, many floor plans offer exciting options or upgrades. This new Austin home at Crystal Falls the Plateau in Leander, TX, comes with a pair of interesting choice.

As you can see, with the Bristol plan, either the play room or the formal dining room can instead be built as a private study.

Other models, such as Sabal Palm at Sandoval in Cape Coral, FL, come with a den as standard.

French doors and the option to add a tray ceiling work together to create a charming and sophisticated reading retreat.

5 Tips for Finding Your Next Great Book

They say that reading one book is like eating just one potato chip! If your current queue is bare, try these five simple hacks for beefing up your literary to-do list.

  • If you’re not already using GoodReads, you need to be. Find out what your friends are reading and gain powerful insights into new books based on your reading preferences.
  • The Book Seer is another great site. Enter the last book you read and you’ll be given suggestions based on the title and author.
  • Catch up on reading the books that won the Nobel Prize for Literature.
  • Have you read all of the Top 100 Books of All-Time?
  • Attend a local book fair. You’ll find plenty of vendors happy to chit-chat about their favorite reads. Joining a book club is a fun & social way to beef up your reading list, too.

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